nature is at your fingertips.
why would your smart automation be any different?





La COOL Board
is a connected monitoring and controlling platform that measures and regulates different parameters

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why should you make it?

La COOL Board was developed as a solution for a number of everyday problems every green thumb has already faced while trying to grow plants in a city…


Bad Growing

Not everybody have the chance of living in a place with an optimal environment: often we can’t offer the best conditions to our green buddies.


Not Enough

Indoor growbox and greenhouse solutions are usually quite bulky, and most of us urban growers do not have external space available for our plants.


Price Is Too
Damn High

Have you already seen how much it costs to build an indoor growbox? Price can easily run into the thousands, which is prohibitive for most.

how can you use it?

You can use your La COOL Board in plenty of different ways, even if you already have a garden. We made it accessible for all publics, a great way to be initiated in electronics and botany at once:


Join the Maker

It will change how we consume and interact with the world, with FabLabs allowing us to make, lasercut and 3D-print whatever object we need. Hop on!


Learn to Fabricate

In the future, electronic literacy and STEM knowledge will be increasingly important for all. Know your weapons by going from black to green thumb!


Prepare Your
Outdoor Garden

La COOL Board can be used to germinate your outdoor plants before transplanting them, or as an incubator for your weak ones. Green lives matter!


Mother Nature

Be able to follow and watch your plants’ growth, to teach your kids they’re not industrial goods and to connect yourself back to the rhythm of life!


Fresh Plants
from Anywhere

Ever wanted to grow a tropical plant or to be able to have that delicious herb seasoning from abroad? We’ve got you covered with our environment control!


Customize It
to Your Needs

La COOL Board is ment to be shared and used. Share it all with the world!

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la COOL vision

We Are Makers

MAKING IS NECESSARY | The Maker Revolution is upon us, and in the same way we did, anyone can go from no previous knowledge to a fully-fledged experimentation on electronics and botany. Everything we needed was in the commons, and everything we do go back to the commons: green making is needed, and our role is to provide the maker community the best possible framework for green makers to thrive.

We Are Growers

GROWING IS LOVING | We are growers by heart, and what we offer is a fruit of our own experiences regarding plants. With time, we have learned how to respect a plant’s lifecycle conditions, that’s why we aren’t working for performance enhancing material for the sake of it: our goal is to give our plants the best conditions for them to thrive in their own time. Nature is slow when it needs to, especially when it’s giving us its best.

We Are Multipliers

SHARING IS CARING | For way too many time, a way too big part of us have been led to believe that plants grow in shelves, and that what happens inside our electronics is magic. Our mission is to disseminate electronic literacy and science knowledge at the same time to as many people as possible, being in the intersection between nature and technology and proving that these two subjects can work together for the good, by enhancing understanding of the world that surround us.

We Support Open

OPEN IS GOOD | Since immemorial times, human beings have been exploring and experimenting with the natural world that surrounds us, starting from our survival needs and going as far as transforming plant species in art. However, in the last few decades, we have been forced to think about plants as commodities instead of living beings. Even if there are forces fighting to make us think differently, it is our duty to prove them wrong: nature is at our fingertips.

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